Many people are often confused when it comes to acquiring a new Mercedes-Benz.

You see, buying a used one is a piece of cake. See the one you like, usually marked well below retail value, most likely certified, and you pull the trigger!
But what about new? Isn’t that the way many informed clients acquire a new Mercedes-Benz? Not exactly..

Unlike Honda and Toyota’s financially diverse customer base, Mercedes’ new car clientele is primarily comprised of wealthier individuals. Most of these buyers are repeat customers of Mercedes and have been leasing since before leasing was a thing (you know what I mean). These repeat buyers are the ones essentially test drivers of your next certified Mercedes, and will more than likely have their eyes on that new E-Class before it gets to the dealership!

Why do they do this? You might be asking yourself:
Are they that well off?
Do they get bored too quickly?
What kind of circle do they like to compete in and show off to?

While these are all valid questions, many of these customers will tell you different. Many of these customers like to lease for reasons that may have never crossed your mind.

Facts about leasing a Mercedes-Benz
1. Mercedes depreciate far worse than what the leasing company says it will.

2. Mercedes offers one of the highest loyalty discounts to its current customers to retain their business.

3. Mercedes will often pull you out of your lease early and make your remaining payments if you are trading up.

4. Mercedes is one of the few car companies that offer their leases with a 7500 mile a year allowance to further reduce your payment.

Because of such recurring benefits and discounts, many loyal Mercedes-Benz lease customers pair their knowledge of negotiating a Mercedes with the above stated facts, as well as personal reasons such as:
1. The higher the price of the car, the greater the tax write off will be.

2. They drive so little that buying a new one outright would eventually cost more.

3. They are more comfortable knowing the car will always be covered under warranty.

So why lease a new Mercedes? It’s simple.

The new Mercedes-Benz is going to depreciate. A lot. I mean, A LOT (really). Most Mercedes can be had for well under the retail price, and coupled with the incentives the manufacturer offers, and a good negotiator, it can make for a very competitive lease payment!
In conclusion, I’d like to suggest the following list of reasons why you shouldn’t lease the new Benz you’ve been looking at:

1. You drive well over 15000 miles per year.

2. The excise tax in your city is through the roof (High MSRP=High Luxury Tax)

3. You like to keep cars for a long time.

4. You’ll absolutely ruin the car (Wear and Tear charges are very high).

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