Gut wrenching isn't enough to describe it.

The amount of business BMW loses to its competitors is definitely noticeable. The average customer they lose, is a payment shopper. This person isn't a fan of the brand or anything like that.

Its actually kind of funny because they actually sell the most cars. These are purely bread and butter cars, though.

3 Series, 5 Series, X3, X5. Piece of cake!

What about the rest? 



For those that don't know, I used to be a salesperson at a high volume BMW dealership in Massachusetts. This dealership, you can pretty much guess which one, sold more cars that a lot of the smaller ones, combined    !

What a lot of people didn't know was, my coworkers, all of whom I hold dearly, had repeat clientele and pretty much we're all set sales wise.

The beauty of the clientele? They held the BMW more valuable than its competitors. They knew the extra $50 was worth it over the Mercedes-Benz or Lexus. 

It was a code, not to be broken!

As for me?


How'd that song go? "Welcome to the Jungle!!..."

The jungle. Literally.

There was a lot to be learned though. Most of my coworkers had a shared opinion that a lot of other car brand dealers probably wouldn't make the cut or perform well here.

Why? Remember what I said earlier?

Build Value.

The Ultimate Driving Machine. It's a dream vehicle. Someone's happiness.

The car I was selling o someone could be the start of a lifelong relationship, or, more than likely, the continuation of one.

Thats how they are bought, too.

Why is it so hard to get the deal done? Why?

It really could be easier, but it's horrific.

Its literally the hardest car to negotiate, and the most pleasure I get when it finally is done.



Deals are reached on a BMW when

  1. the buyer falls in love.
  2. the dealer has a car to sell you.
  3. they don't need to peel you off the roof when you hear the payment amount.

Simple. (Not really)

        How does one do a deal on a car like BMW? 

        You have to think to yourself. How many cars have you negotiated? How many cars has the salesperson or manager negotiated.

        See my point? 

        You have to want the car a tiny bit less than they want to sell it to you. 

        These guys can smell your excitement. They know you want the car. Now guess what? 

        Time to make money. 

        This is where the "Jungle" song starts playing... 

        No but really, as soon as your excitement takes over, your pretty much sold, and they are thinking of ways to make more money on the deal! 


        Everyone knows my personal love for the brand. It's obvious when you meet me, and whenever I talk about it with someone outside of the confines of that "Jungle" carefully disguised as a luxury car dealership.

        When I step inside the dealerhip, I only see numbers.

        It works. I'm not shopping for a payment here. I'm at war. I'm trying to claim the territory also known as your dream car. 

        The battlefield is a territory many cannot infiltrate.

        I sound crazy don't I?

        Wait until it's time to negotiate.  

        The fact of the matter is, your next BMW is going to be more than the payment of a similar Lexus, Audi, or Mercedes-Benz.   That's a fact. 

        How much more is all depending on

        1. how much excitement is brought to the negotiation table. 
        2. the type of relationship you have or build with your BMW Client Advisor. 
        3. your patience.

        A lot of people don't realize the amount of time it takes to successfully negotiate a BMW deal.

        On average, it can take up to two weeks for a Client Advisor to finally close a deal with a customer that is strictly shopping   a payment.

        The problem? 

        They are busy shopping. 

        People always ask me, "Ari, what's the best way to get the deal done?"

        Go to a big dealership. 

        1. check the inventory. 
        2. find out how many cars are in stock that match your needs. 
        3. do your homework on what you should be paying. 

        If you can't handle one or two of these things, or aren't even sure about what the heck your even doing, don't go.

        A simple handshake could result in a payment that could've been drastically less. 

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