Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen make me feel good to talk about. These are 3 brands that need no real upselling, and no hard explanations. They are plain and simple brands.

When talking about these 3, it always seems to boil down to:

  1. which one did it for you?

  2. which brand are you most familiar with?

  3. which drive did you prefer?

  4. which navigation interface did you like the most?

Although somewhat different from one another in terms of character and average costumer, the deals are never too far apart for the typical financing costumer.

What about leasing?

There is always that issue about mileage, wear and tear, credit approval, loyalty rebates, etc.

I can tell you one thing, each of the 3 brands have one unique benefit that stands out when discussing the reason to lease that specific car.

Let's not forget that Volkswagen is designed with the driver in mind. It's got German heritage in its DNA when it comes to handling, as well as fuel consumption in line with its Japanese competition. You may end up paying $20 more per month, but you'll be getting a fair amount more CAR in return.

Honda, with its recent facelifts and design shifts, has been targeting a younger and hipper audience. The Accord Sport has received wide acclaim for being the 1st or 2nd go to mid size sedan for the past couple years now. In my opinion, the reason i'd lease one? $0.10 for each lease mile that you go over is a HUGE benefit. Obviously a Honda is a Honda, and reliability is never questioned. The car is super cheap to have an oil change done, so maintenance isn't exactly pricey. What CAN get pricey is going over your mileage allowance, and Honda is doing a super job at keeping the overall cost of leasing one fair and low!

Lastly, Toyota! Toyota is #1 for many years now and has rightfully deserved it. (Not really). The reason I say not really is because buyers and leasers have flocked to Toyota is because they will undercut the price of their competition. Toyota not only has the best and cheapest lease specials on their cars, they also have the highest reliability ratings (amidst law suits and recall scandals) in the market! You can find that a new Toyota Camry will often be $15-$20 less than an Accord and Passat, and GUESS WHAT? Free maintenance on every new Toyota. Cheap lease deal + free oil changes? No wonder why its #1

How do you benefit the most from one of these 3?

Find the one that actually liked the most, and try to get it for the same payment as the Camry!

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