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Mercedes-Benz offers its aggressive customers very generous discounts! Although many Mercedes-Benz shoppers are used to the process of negotiating a Mercedes-Benz, they don't tend to shop around as much as other car buyers. Mercedes-Benz has one of the highest owner retention ratings, and that is due partly to the fact that they issue loyalty rebates, and give big discounts off MSRP to all their customers.

Be careful though, many times, Mercedes has a high markup, and what may seem like you've got no more room to go, you may be skipping a couple thousand. On average though, our Mercedes-Benz customers can expect anywhere between 10%-13% off MSRP not including rebates/incentives.

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  1. Mercedes-Benz of Boston

  2. Flagship Motorcars Lynnfield

  3. Mercedes-Benz of Westwood

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